BK Brigade

The Blitzkrieg Brigade

Torn from time and space, from a world where WW2 still rages, comes the Blitzkrieg Brigade, a group of super-fascists to challenge the heroes of any era. Lead by Elite Wehrmacht Officer Hans von Stahl, wielder of the Spear of Destiny, the team also features the massive Brown Shirt Schlaeger Siegfried, and several deadly super-mecha walkers.

Hauptman Hans von Stahl - Hauptman Hans von Stahl witnessed the terrible power of the Spear of Destiny firsthand when the Reich’s special agents used it in battle on French partisans. Uneasy about the supernatural implications of using such a relic for war, he stole it and used it to tear a hole into time and space, taking a few of his favourite operatives and gear with him to carve out his own empire in a new dimension.
However, possessing the spear has changed him, and now he intends to use it to conquer the modern world not for the glory of any nation, but to create a new world of perfect order.

Schlaeger Siegfried - Loyal to Hauptman von Stahl because he was the only one to ever show kindness to him, Schlaeger (“Bruiser”) Siegfried decided to follow him through time and space. He is very good at his primary job, protecting von Stahl. His secondary job, busting heads, comes in a close second.

Mecha Panzer - The German Recon Mecha or Mecha Panzer is a robust design built and designed by Schemmer Armor Works. The original concept called for a light assault mech capable of carrying various payloads. In battle it proved a very reliable design due mainly to the highly efficient Anhalder twin Diesel engines. At first used as a terror weapon in night attacks on allied lines, it was equipped with a Stuka Siren giving it the nickname of “Wraith”. This extremely flexible design gave rise to numerous variants such as the 75mm assault, the 88mm tank hunter, and others.


The Blitzkrieg Brigade is another faction for Supersystem. Introduced in the 2nd edition rulebook, but so far no suitable minis are released. Since these guys are just perfect as villains for Golden Age gaming or vs. the Freedom’s Five I needed some stand in minis. Major Maxim from the IndyClix range fits the bill for a hulking menacing Nazi officer. All that I needed was a suitable big spear, I use the hand and spear of a GW Gobbo or Zombie (not sure anymore...). For Siegfried I just used the S2 Kriegshunde mini and removed the medals from his chest. Done!

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