The Freebooter

An official Superteam straight from the Four Colour World of Supersystem! (The Stats Cards further down are 150 dpi picture. Right Click, save it, print it and put it into a Trading Card Protector - whoops: All the stats you need to play these guys...)

"In the wake of the Alien Invasion, nations not lucky enough to have large populations of super-humans sought to import them to ensure their security. This gave rise to a trend of super-mercenaries working for nations large and small. The Freebooters were formed to take advantage of this trend...”

From left to right: Mr. Brain - a mind attacking alien stranded on earth; the Ego Bot - made by Mr. Brain to protect him from hostile earthlings; Coil - the undisputed leader of the Freebooters; High Gear and Fastlane - two superfast Cyborg.

The idea for the paintjob was to create a Cyborg Robo Cop feel for the minis, therefore the mostly cool and pale colours. Note the small Plastik Dome on the open brain of Ego-Bot!

Coil - The woman the world knows only as Coil founded the Freebooters after the Invasion of Earth by the Host. Unlike other teams, her motives were not altruistic. Seeking profit, her team hires itself out to the highest bidder. There are some jobs they won’t take, assassination being chief among them. Coil’s mutate powers allow her to generate a bioelectric field that she projects along her super-strong whip. She also possesses uncanny reflexes and the ability to heal at a rapid rate.



Fastlane - The female half of the cyber-speed duo of Fastlane and High Gear, Fastlane does not know the true origin of her powers. In truth, like her loyal partner, she does not even know her real name. Her only memory is of a race and a terrible accident.

When she next awoke she was in the halls of the Zero Foundation, lying on a table next to a man in much the same condition as her. Not interested in the Zero Device’s plans for world domination, the super-fast couple made good their escape and struck out on their own to find their origin and their destiny.

High Gear - High Gear wants to know who he is and where he came from. He also wants payback against those who transformed him into gleaming engine of destruction.

He’s grown to care about Fastlane; the bond they share is one of pain and loneliness. It was his idea to accept Coil’s offer and join the Freebooters, hoping that it would lesson the pain of the mysteries that plague their lives.


Mr. Brain - Mr. Brain is not human. An alien telepath abandoned on Earth after the Invasion, Mr. Brain realized the only way he could survive was to join a super-team.

That’s when Coil found him. Now the diminutive brain-blaster works happily for his newfound team, and has developed a giant, cybernetic bodyguard to aid them against tougher foes.

Although still homesick for his native world, Mr. Brain has developed a taste for Italian cuisine, and loves old Noir films.


The Ego Bot - The Ego-Bot was created by Mr. Brain from a mix of alien technology and the remains of several aliens and mutates. Like the Zero Device, he is a unique blend of man and machine, but unlike the Device, he is almost child-like and docile unless ordered to act by his master, Mr. Brain.

When he does act he makes an implacable foe. Resistant to both physical and mental assaults, his only weaknesses are his slow footspeed and his undying loyalty and concern for his master and creator.

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