Red Patriot

The Red Patriot Movement

An official Superteam straight from the Four Colour World of Supersystem! (The Stats Cards further down are 150 dpi picture. Right Click, save it, print it and put it into a Trading Card Protector - whoops: All the stats you need to play these guys...)
When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, a new Russia was born. That didn't sit well with some Russians who believed Communism got a raw deal. They didn't like the new Russia, and they rebelled against it, bringing many Super Communists to bear in the struggle. Ultimately, the Red Patriot Movement lost, but still managed to retain control of their power base in the Russian state of Georgia, birthplace of Josef Stalin, and home to a new Proletariat.

The Siberian - Through all of its struggles, the most visible member of the RPM has been the Soviet Super Soldier known only as the Siberian. His seemingly ageless body a bastion of Communist Party strength since the 1950s, the Siberian now leads RPM operatives in actions around the world.




Zoya - Called the "Lethal Guardian" by her comrades in the RPM, Zoya's powers make her nigh-indestructible, and an ideal complement to T-34's erratic firepower. Her loyalty to the Soviet ideal is surpassed only by her love for its most legendary champion, the Siberian.




The Red Bolt - Red Bolt, a Soviet Speedster who hits like a hurricane, is the Siberian’s right-hand man and the RPM’s primary field scout. During the invasion he fell in love with an alien warrior named Nevra while she was held in RPM custody. She later escaped amidst the chaos of an alien counter-attack, and Red Bolt has never seen her again.




Perun - Stepping from the pages of Russian mythology, Perun is the avatar of the god of war, capable of felling even massive vehicles with his mighty hammer.



T-34 - The product of an advanced Soviet weapons development program, Ivan Korkov is now half-man, half-tank. When his mighty personal armament is working, it wreaks devastation on the battlefield, giving pause to hero and villain alike.



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