Sub Atomics

The Sub-Atomics

An official Superteam straight from the Four Colour World of Supersystem!

The denizens of a sub-atomic world imperiled by the scientific testing of a top military research lab, the Sub-Atomics were sent to make the presence of their home known to the people of “Macro-Earth.”

After convincing the U.S. Military to halt their tests, the members of the team decided to remain in the larger world and act as ambassadors and protectors of their people against further reckless scientific testing. Along the way they have become heroes, participating in the Invasion war going up against Dr. Simian and his Atlantis Front on several occasions.

Max Megaton - Max Megaton leads the Sub-Atomics and has provided them a moral compass in a strange new world. His speed and power make him a frontline leader, and his courage has never failed him.

He misses the sub-atomic realm, but realizes the value of his team’s continued presence in the macro-world.


Dr. Halflife - Dr. Halflife is the team’s science expert, but in battle his touch can mean death!

A seething cauldron of atomic energy, Halflife possesses an energy aura that exudes extreme heat and dangerous radiation.

Although he does not take to battle as readily as others on his team, he is always willing to put his deadly body in harm’s way to aid a comrade.


Megapulse - Megapulse provides the Sub-Atomics’ ranged support, blasting foes with pulsed beams of coherent light that hit like battering rams.

In her old world she was Dr. Halflife’s assistant, but she was transformed in the same accident that gave the doctor his deadly touch.


The Fission - Built by Dr. Halflife to handle hazardous materials, the Fission is a robotic duplicator who is handy in a brawl.

Although his duplication only works in his shrunken state, he and his double pack a micro-wallop that foes find hard to withstand.


The Particle - More adept than his teammates at size manipulation, Damian Masters, the Particle, uses his abilities to literally crawl into the minds of his foes, blocking their neural pathways and synapses, causing intense pain and un- consciousness.




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