Star Wars - The Old Republic

The following ships are all fan made designs based on the SWTOR RPG.

SWTOR Sith Fury Interceptor and Mk VI Interceptors - all by Mel’s Miniatures

Sith Fury Interceptor

A SWTOR Imperial Fury Interceptor - the ship all Empire Force sensitive player eventually get in the MMORPG.
Shapeways design by Mel’s Minis.

“Featuring an advanced hyperdrive and state-of-the-art sub-light engines, the Fury is the most versatile starship in the Imperial fleet. Though initially designed for high-priority military missions, the Fury has become a favorite among Sith Lords and the latest models have been engineered accordingly. The Fury’s angular design combines the maneuverability of smaller Imperial fighters like the Interceptor with impressive armament that rivals some of the Empire’s larger military vessels.
The Fury also features a newly designed set of ‘strike foils’ that remain down for travel but can be expanded in short range combat to maximize the ship’s agility and range of firepower. On the interior, adjustments have been made to match to the luxury and aesthetics demanded by the Sith. No expenses have been spared.” from the
SWTOR homepage.

D5-Mantis Patrol Craft

“The D5-Mantis Patrol Craft was a rare, top-of-the-line starship during the Cold War. It was meant to meet the demands of larger capital ships.

Built for combat, the rare, compact-framed D5-Mantis was a best-in-class patrol craft, designed to compete with—and meet the demands of—much larger starships, such as Interdictor-class cruisers.

The vessel utilized three retractable armament foils with independent power supplies, allowing it to safely use weapons meant for larger vessels. The foils also significantly reduced the ship's profile, allowing it to land or dock in more confining spaces than other ships would be able to use. A surprising number of D5-Mantis patrol craft could, therefore, be tightly packed into carrier ships presenting a nasty surprise to enemy vessels. The D5-Mantis engineers also made extensive use of a vertically economical interior design to condense and fully utilize space. The vessel's small bulkheads accommodated large, open areas and improved the ease of maintenance.”

The D5-Mantis Patrol Craft was created as the bounty hunter's class starship for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The above model is again a fan made design by Mel’s minis.

from starwars.wikia.com


XS stock light freighter

The XS stock light freighter was a model of freighter used mostly by smugglers during the Great Galactic War and its resultant Cold War.

The XS stock light freighter was considered a major advancement in armament, speed and versatility over previous models of light freighter. It was considered one of the fastest and most agile starships in the galaxy. It contained a large cargo hold, including many hidden compartments throughout the ship, ideal for smuggling or simply hiding valuables. The XS also boasted powerful engines which allowed it to easily outrun most opponents or authorities, but in the event a fight was necessary, it came armed with standard torpedo launchers and laser batteries. In addition, it also held upper and lateral laser turrets which could be fired manually, or remotely from within the cockpit. Due to the fact that many smugglers and freighter captains both worked and lived aboard their ships, the XS was also designed with many of the standard comforts any being would need, including a lounge for recreation and extra sleeping quarters.

A SWTOR XJ Light Freighter - the ship all Rogue/ Smuggler player get in the MMORPG. Shapeways design by Mel’s Minis.

The XJ was created as the Smuggler class starship for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.


A SWTOR Liberator fighter. Shapeways design by Mels Minis.

Two SWTOR Sith Empire Mk VI Interceptors. Shapeways design by Mels Minis.

“The Mark VI Supremacy-class starfighter, also known as the ISF interceptor or simply the Mk VI interceptor, was a model of fighter used by the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.
The Empire utilized this model of starfighter during the attack on the Republic shipyards in the Sluis sector and the Battle of Alderaan. Darth Malgus also made use of these vessels during the Battle of Ziost and the Sacking of Coruscant. The Mark VI had minimal shielding and was very lightly armed.” from

SWTOR Sith Empire Mk VI Interceptor with folded wing. Shapeways design by Mels Minis.

Beast of War featured my website on March 20 2016. Just skip to 44:50 Mins, after that it is a 8 Min coverage of my Imperial Assault and X-Wing minis. Unfortunately it is only accessible if you you have signed up for a paid membership on their site.



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