Desert World


Dune 2021 style Sardaukar, Fremen and Harkonnen House trooper

After he 2021 Dune movie - IMO a MASTERPIECE- I am again hooked, so I am still tinkering with the idea of writing a free Dune supplement for my Victory Decision ruleset.


Old school metal minis

I received the following fan made minis for free to give them a paint job. Since I am a BIG Dune fan since almost 30 years, I immediately loved these minis. While not as sophisticated as many modern minis they capture the style of the Lynch movie very nicely.

The powerless Emperor

The degenerate Baron

The Beast

The degenerate Baron and Retinue Pack

The powerless Emperor and Retinue Pack

Basic Trooper Pack

Consulting Witch

Spoiled Princess

Dedicated Trooper, Spoiled Princess, Emperor and Consulting Witch

Planetary Observer, Desert Dweller Daughter, Desert Dweller Leader, Swordmaster and female Desert Dweller


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