Raven Guard

The Raven Guard is one of the original First Founding Chapters of the Space Marines and was originally the XIXth Space Marine Legion before the Second Founding and the adoption of the Codex Astartes. Named for a Terran avian seen by many cultures as the herald of fate and messenger of death, the Raven Guard have served the Emperor faithfully throughout the glories of the Unification Wars, the Great Crusade and the dark days of the Horus Heresy and beyond. From its earliest days, the warriors of the XIXth Legion were known as cunning and patient hunters, adept at biding their time until the moment to strike was at hand. When the Legion was united with its Primarch -Corvus Corax, the Raven Lord, the Deliverer, theirs was a form of warfare exemplifying speed, stealth and precision which was codified into their doctrine, and under the ivory-skinned, shadow-eyed and sable-haired Primarch, the XIXth Legion carved its name in the annals of the Great Crusade.

As the tragic histories of the Horus Heresy were recounted, however, the Legion's glories were to be scattered upon the black sands of Istvaan V during the Drop Site Massacre, and the Imperium was almost shorn of one of its greatest champions. Though severely decimated, the Raven Guard would rise from the ashes of betrayal and go on to continue to serve the Imperium of Man as its protectors. As masters of the unseen war, they fight their battles with stealth and speed rather than fury and flames. For thousands of standard years, across thousands of worlds, they have continued to stalk the enemies of the Imperium as shadows of death, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the killing blow before melting back into the darkness once more.

Raven Guard Vanguard Marines

Vanguard Space Marines serves as a covert operator. These Primaris Astartes are ruthless killers, trained to operate behind enemy lines as saboteurs, assassins and infiltrators.

Infiltrator Vanguard Sergeant of the Raven Guard chapter, decals by Forge World.

Infiltrator Vanguard Marine of the Raven Guard chapter - build right out of the box, only a Mk VI helmet was used. Decals by Forge World.

Infiltrator Vanguard Marine of the Raven Guard chapter - build as above, my 1st try with Black Templar Contrast paint, I LOVE it, really shaves some time off.

Vanguard Space Marines are not a single unit, but several different types of squads who perform different tactical roles for an overall Vanguard force. The primary squads found among the Vanguard Space Marines include Vanguard Infiltrators, Vanguard Suppressors and Vanguard Eliminators.

The Mark X Power Armour worn by Primaris Marines is a marvel in design -a modular, adaptable system of ceramite plating that can be adjusted for multiple tactical roles, from the Phobos Pattern designed for scouting and reconnaissance and used by Vanguard Marines all the way up to the heavy Gravis variant worn by Aggressor Squads. Regardless of its pattern, Mark X Power Armour is designed to attach to a special undersuit worn by each Primaris Marine, enabling it to be fitted in different configurations according to need.

Amongst the Vanguard formations, there is no standard Power Armour style, though Mark X Phobos Power Armour patterns are most common due to the nature of their combat doctrine. The armour adopted by Vanguard Infiltrators and Reivers, in particular, is this lighter variation of the standard Mark X pattern that offers increased manoeuvrability and quieter, almost silent movement because of lighter armour plating and servo-motors that run almost completely silent.



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