Undead or Alive

Zombicide - Undead or Alive

Zombicide, the blockbuster zombie action board game is back, and this time we’re taking the fight to the wild West!
Following in the footsteps of the recent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Undead or Alive combines updated rules and fast setup with brand new exciting mechanics, perfect for the Western setting!
There’s a million ways to die in the West, but now nobody seems to want to stay dead. So grab your six-shooter, form your posse, and get ready for some good ol’ Zombicide!

I like the setting and the rule variants. Especially the Gears and Guns weird west setting is to my liking. Below are the first two heroes

Conception: "Fear not the Zombie, for the LORD is with thee. And a vice shotgun helps too."
Carl: "Always been good at fixin' things. Gotta fix the world now too."

Gears and Guns

Gears & Guns features an alternate setting for Zombicide: Undead or Alive, in a world powered by steam! The new survivors and the equipment they have feature new Full Steam rules, unleashing tremendous power against zombies at the risk of getting depleted. Discover the new Engineer Survivor Class, and get your hands on cutting-edge Inventions, giving your Survivors the advantage against the undead!

Anthony and Nora from the Gears and Guns box

The Steam Monster and some Zombie walker. I am planning to group several zombies on one base to make the spawning. and movement of bigger walker groups easier.



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