Warhammer Quest

Cursed City

The latest instalment of GWs WHQ games take place in Ulfenkarn.

“Radukar the Wolf saved the city in its darkest hour, but his benevolence didn’t last. Claiming the Ebon Citadel, he surrounded himself with fiends, lackeys, and fellow creatures of the dark, forming his Thirsting Court. For a time peace reigned. Then came the Shyish Necroquake, and the Wolf found himself infused with dark power.

Sallying forth from his castle, Radukar and his court embarked on a murderous rampage. Some were deemed worthy of the Blood Kiss and were turned into vampires themselves – countless others were left as corpses strewn across the streets. The city now stands on the precipice of total doom. Are there any that would risk their lives and their very souls to save it?”

I was once again lucky and convinced Ana Polanšćak for a joined painting venture, she painted all the villains, I will do the heroes.

Emelda Braskov once crossed paths with the Vampire Lord Radukar the Wolf, and her army was destroyed by the tyrannical master of Ulfenkarn. Since then she has sworn to slay the vampire. Emalda is painted by me, the objectives by Ana.


Jelsen Darrock - The hopes of a city rest on the shoulders of an unlikely collection of rogues, outcasts, and cut-throats. Of these, the figure with the most experience of hunting vampires is Jelsen Darrock. Once he hunted witches, aethergheists, and cultists of the Dark Gods, but after he was expelled from the Order of Azyr, he decided on a massive career change and started hunting vampires instead.

The last surviving noble of the ven Alten bloodline from the city of Ulfenkarn, Glaurio ven Alten III holds a particular grudging against the Thirsting Court, the Vampire rulers of the city.

Cleona Zeitengale is a member of the Cult of the Comet and originally came to Ulfenkarn to spread the teachings of her missionary order. The citizens of Ulfenkarn ignored those teachings and continued to disregard the Cometarian Cult when they tried to warn of the coming of a great cataclysm. Spoiler alert: the cataclysm came! Of course, Cleona is too classy to say “I told you so” and is instead mustering all of her energy to clear the curse of the undead.

Cleona is a small conversion done by me, the head adornment was a bit over the top for my taste. I also removed the devotional scroll from her back. The head is from a female Stormcast Eternal.

Upon the detonation of the Necroquake, Radukar and his followers gained immense necromantic magic and became power-hungry, loosing all restraint and turned against the nobility of Mournhold, feasting on any of his enemies who might defy him and turning a few survivors who would join him. The city the became renamed as Ulfenkarn, the Wolf's Feast. Kosargi Nightguard are undead Ogor bodyguards of Radukar the Wolf. They are resurrected as loyal in death as they were in life - their unnatural resilience and imposing bulk serving to dissuade any who would target their master.

Torgillius the Chamberlain is a mad scholar in service to Radukar the Wolf. He was once a member of the order of the Pact Mortalis, an organization of scholars and sepulchrists in the city of Mournhold and an expert on grave-sand, a magical substance made from realmstone endemic to Shyish that is said to have properties over both the living and the dead.

During Ulfenkarn's purge after the detonation of the Necroquake, Watch Captain Halgrim tried to pledge his men to Radukar's cause in exchange for the Soulblight Curse, but was betrayed by his officers. Tied up and taken captive by his own men, he was tossed into Ulfenkarn's sewers and fed to the endemic Corpse Rats. Upon his resurrection as a Deathrattle officer in charge of the city's undead Ulfenwatch from the Vharngate, though he is now reduced to what is akin to a rotting automaton.

Gorslav the Gravekeeper is an Undead creature who tends to Ulfenkarn's corpse-gardens. It is unclear is Gorslav is a singular being or a gruesome collection of necrothurges operating in Ulfenkarn, but he is notorious for never speaking.

Cursed City Zombies - The box comes with 10 very unique Zombies, I like them but they are also strangely 2 dimensional. Since I have a lot of Zombicide Black Plague Zombies around I decided two convert two of the as a test. The left and right are the result. Left original pose, head swap and some plant growth out of the back. Right has a repositioned left arm and also some root coming out of her back. I tried hard to copy Ana s style, hopefully I succeeded...

Belladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos

"Little is known of the mysterious First of the Vyrkos. When she and her lupine packs hunt, the enemy is overcome by a storm of savage claws and slavering fangs, their champions hideously transfigured by the cruel and ancient matriarch.
This ancient Soulblight vampire is as deadly as they come. Her scimitar and lupine companions reap a fearsome tally, but Belladamma is also a skilled practitioner of magic and a master of the Lycancurse, transforming her prey into Dire Wolves under her command. "

After getting Cursed City I digged deeper into the background and started to like the Vyrkos Vampire. I am and old Vampire the Masquerade player (back in the 90s) and could easily envisioned the Vyrkos as an east European Gangrel clan.
So I bought some more Vyrkos Vampires and convinced the great Ana again to paint them.

And a “beauty” shot to gether with two wolves...

"It is said that to hear a Dire Wolf's howl is to be damned. These lupine undead are tireless hunters, and when they finally run their prey to the ground, their powerful jaws ensure that the kill comes swiftly indeed. "



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