Ynnari Corsairs

New project, Ynnari Eldar Corsairs. I really like the new Ynnari faction, the back story to establish the new faction was very nice. Since Yvraine was also a pirate in her story I decided to build a core force of corsair from the Void Dragon faction. Hopefully over next months you will se it grow.

So without further blah blah...
Lasblaster Corsair with jump packs, the mini in the middle is armed with a Dark Eldar Blaster. I am planning squads, each 5 member strong. One squad Shardcarbines and Blaster, next two Lasblaster and Shuriken Cannon. And since I just loved the corsair jetbikes from FW I also finished one with a Dissonance cannon.

For the 1st time since early 200 I used my airbrush again to create the dragon scales on the bike canopy. I used Anarchy HS stencils, just watch one of their YouTube videos to see how it is done, I was totally amazed how well it worked.


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