2017 repainted old school Eldar

The 8th edition of Warhammer 40.000 really gripped me again. I was very active playing 40K under 3rd and 4th edition. I played in some Nottingham Grand Tournaments and had the honour to meet some of the gaming industry legends. All in all a very nice experience.

But as with most things in live after a while it got it bit paler and in addition with each edition of the rules I disliked them more. I kept in contact with the game, bought some books here and there, really enjoyed the Horus Heresy line of books including the big black FW books, but very rarely played the game.

In addition my own game system Victory Decision was taking away a lot of my hobby time!

That all changed with the latest 8th 2017 edition. Great simpler rules, good game flow, just fun. I played some games with my Grey Knight, then with some Primaris Marines. I also noticed my long neglected Eldar minis and decided to give them a try.

The paint jobs are a bit dated for today’s standards... looking like this. You can see all my attempts in the 2000 Eldar section!

So about time to retouch them.
The minis above are from ancient GW/ Citadel mini ranges. The Rogue Trader Space Elf Command 1987, the Rogue Trader Eldar Artillery 1988, the Rogue Trader Pre-Craftworld Warriors, the One-Piece Guardians and the Metal Guardians with Plastic Arms & Weapons. I bought them all in the 1990s.
Suitable Shuriken Cannon Weapon platform. The cannon is new, while the platform itself is again from the 90s.

Rogue Trader Eldar 1987 - Warbot / Vampire Class Spirit Warrior. Yes - this design is indeed 30 years old (also teaches me how old I am to remember its release...) - from a time when there were no Wraithlords, these towering constructs were called Dreadnoughts & Warbots.
I tweaked (converted) it a bit, I added today’s flamer and a shuriken Cannon.

1991 metal Jet Cycles as they were named originally in the old blue catalogue. The bike in the middle is the follow up plastic mini with a metal shuriken cannon.

The above described Jet Bikes with toady’s bases! Maybe I overdid it, but I really went to town adding GW alien plants, pebbles and some heads from Scibors basing range!

In 1991, the Eldar became a unique race, steeped in back story, based in part around the designs of Jes Goodwin. The formal structure of a force led by Psykers and comprising of dedicated single-faceted troops supported by Guardian militia has remained unchanged. The figures themselves formalised the design ethic of Jes Goodwin - organic ovoid shapes and elegant weaponry which implied speed, poise and balance.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Dire Avengers - one of the few Aspect miniatures with better modern sculpts. The Exarch is from today’s plastic Dire Avengers.

Minor conversion of the current 2017 plastic Dire Avengers, the legs are from a normal plastic Guardian, also the cloth, all the rest is from the Dire Avenger box.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Howling Banshees - still my favourite sculpt. The Exarch is from 3rd edition time.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Striking Scorpions. The Exarch is one of my first conversions - female guardian body sword and head from Karrandras.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Fire Dragons and their Phoenix Lord Fuegan - "the Burning Lance," founder of the Fire Dragons Aspect Warriors.
Fuegan was (IIRC) released around 1994, together with the other Phoenix lords and the 2nd edition Rick Priestley blue Codex.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Dark Reaper. The Exarch is one of my first conversions - the web of skulls was removed and a missile launcher attached.

Rogue Trader Craftworld Eldar 1991 - Warlock and Farseer. The Farseer on the right was a Necromunda Specialist Games mini.

Craftworld Eldar Warp Spider. All minis are the original metal castings!

Craftworld Iyanden Wraithguard. Classic metal casting!

Craftworld Ulthwe Wraithguard. Classic metal casting! Even the bases are the old 25mm slotta ones...

My old 2000 scratch build Wave Serpent. Back in 2000 there was no official model. Consequently the crew extension was build from scratch with plasticard. You can se the 1st build in my 2000 Eldar section.

The energy field emitter are from the OOP Forge World Eldar vehicle upgrade kit, same goes for the twin linked Starcannons.


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