40K Titans

Titans in Warhammer 40K...

Ah, those were the days. Forge World was not established, and the only source for 40K Titans was an American company named Armorcast.
Dont get me wrong, I like the stuff that Forge World is doing a lot, but the Armorcast resin castings had a certain, low level rustic charm.
It was quite difficult to get there stuff here in Europe, but fortunately I was some times in the States for vacation. I still remember the time when I bought Titans for more then 1.000,00 $ for me an some friends back in Germany at Enterprise 1701 in Orlando.

One of the first Titans I painted was the Warhound. I still like it. The small Wolf Lord is just for size comparison.

The second Titan was the Eldar Revenant Scout Titan. A great graceful design that cried for careful and clean painting. The Titans were a good excuse for me to get me an airbrush and a compressor! I used it quite a lot on the Revenant. Specially the masking of the golden runes were a real pain.

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