Sisters of Battle

“Battle Sisters are the primary troops used by the Sisters of Battle, the Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

Battle Sisters are recruited solely from the female progena of the Schola Progenia facilities spread across the galaxy. They are orphans of the Imperial servants who have given their lives in the service of the Imperium. While being raised within the Schola they receive a strong Ecclesiarchal upbringing and education, coming to regard the Emperor as their spiritual father. Progena recruited into the Sisterhood are indoctrinated even further into the Imperial Cult, becoming even more fiercely devoted to the Emperor and the Imperial cause.

Their duty as part of the Sisterhood is to ensure and enforce the physical and spiritual purity of humanity and the departments of the Adeptus Terra. As they frequently share the same role as the Ordo Hereticus, Battle Sisters often form a major part of Ordo Hereticus forces. “

I owned and played the Sisters in all editions from the late 1990s on:
1997 - Codex: Sisters of Battle (2nd Edition)
2001 - Chapter Approved 2001
2003 - Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition)
2011 - Codex: Sisters of Battle (5th Edition)
2013 - Codex: Adepta Sororitas (6th Edition)
2017 -Index: Imperium 2 (8th Edition)
2019 - Codex: Adepta Sororitas (8th Edition)
2021 - Codex: Adepta Sororitas (9th Edition)

You can see my old metal 2002 / 2003 Ebon Chalice Sisters further down below.

The new Sisters of Battles are here. In December 2019 I received the army box and was very curious how the new plastic Sisters looked. I like them. They are a definite improvement over the original metal minis. But as usual there are some downsides, in this case the serious scale creep!

I painted the Sister in the colours of the order of “Our Martyred Lady”.

I fully expected that the new minis are bigger than the old metal ones, but being nearly as big as a Primaris Marine? SIGH!


Sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady painted by Ana Polanšćak and me

I gave myself a treat and asked the great Ana Polanšćak (from Gardens of Hecate) to paint some new Sisters of Battle for me. After receiving the minis I was in AWE! Ana has a very unique way of giving the minis a very dark and moody look, IMO perfect for Sisters of Battle. I am planning to do a whole Sisters army together with her.

Celestine, the Living Saint

Wings spread wide, halo blazing and Ardent Blade in hand, Saint Celestine is a living embodiment of the God-Emperor’s might. She shines like a star amid the smoke and fumes of the battlefield, radiating holy light. The faithful are filled with strength and courage by presence, even as the heretics recoil in terror. With a gesture, the Living Saint calls down fires of retribution from on high, or infuses injured allies with healing energies. The Geminae Superia, Sisters Genevieve and Eleanor, would lay down their lives to protect the blessed saint from harm.

Triumph of Saint Katherine

Where the Triumph of Saint Katherine marches, there shines the Emperor’s radiance. With every step, this funerary procession spreads the glory of the martyred Matriarch further across the galaxy, scattering before it the enemies of the faith and instilling in the Sisters of Battle the fiery conviction of Katherine herself. Yet it is not only the founder of the Order of Our Martyred Lady who is venerated by the Triumph, for through its presence are the spirits of all six Matriarchs carried to the front lines.

Accompanying the blessed bier that bears the skeletal remains of Saint Katherine within her reliquary armour are six members of the Orders Pronatus. Each of these handpicked exemplars of the Adepta Sororitas embodies one of the canonised Matriarchs of the six original Orders:

  • Saint Katherine, Order of Our Martyred Lady (very front): Wielding the Martyr's sword and the Praesidium Protectiva, this sister embodies the Spirit of Saint Katherine. The Praesidium Protectiva was once Saint Katherine's own shield and contains a shard of the Emperor's armour. As such, it helps protect the processional, as well as nearby Sisters.
  • Saint Dominica, Order of the Ebon Chalice (front left): Bearing a simulacrum of the Ebon Chalice, a black goblet imbued with ever-burning flame, this sister embodies the Spirit of Saint Dominica.
  • Saint Mina, Order of the Bloody Rose (back left): This sister carries the Petals of the Bloody Rose, ritually scattered to symbolise the blood of the enemy spilt by the Red Saint before being martyred.
  • Saint Silvana, Order of the Argent Shroud (very back): A simulacrum of the Argent Shroud is mounted on a banner atop her backpack. This sister follows at the back of the procession giving sermons and reading aloud the deeds of Saint Silvana, while the shroud above her depicts the skeletal remains of the Saint Silvana.
  • Saint Lucia, Order of the Valorous Heart (back right): Holding aloft the Icon of the Valorous Heart, this pulsing icon brings strength to the warriors of the Imperium who hear its beat.
  • Saint Arabella, Order of the Sacred Rose (front right): Swinging the Censer of the Sacred Rose in their left hand, the censer burns with an eternal flame, imbuing nearby Sisters with the strength to spread the Emperor's truth with even greater zeal.

Tariana Palos and Amalia Novena - the “Cover Girls”

Tariana Palos is a Sister of the Adepta Sororitas' Order of Our Martyred Lady. Tariana Palos' miniature is based off the piece of Anna Steinbauer artwork, that graced the cover of the Codex: Adepta Sororitas (6th Edition).

Battle Sister squads are each led by a Sister Superior, such as Amalia Novena, who is a member of the Order of the Martyred Lady. Based on the iconic Sisters of Battle artwork by Karl Kopinski, and clad in the classic power armour associated with the Adepta Sororitas, Sister Amalia is armed with a Godwyn-De'az pattern bolter. She is posed as if on sentry duty and is supplied with a scenic base representing the Convent Sanctorum on Ophelia VII, which includes the icon of the Order of Our Martyred Lady in the centre of the base.


Canoness from the SoB army box

Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan - Aestred Thurga is a powerful warrior in her own right, but she recognises, with great humility, that the ancient relic standard she carries is far more important than she can ever be. She will gladly die to protect the Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor’s Judgement, while the Sisters she fights alongside are inspired to carry out great deeds of faith in its presence – feats recorded by the Hagiolater, Agathae Dolan.

1st half of the Battle Sister squad from the SoB army box

2nd half of the Battle Sister squad from the SoB army box

1st half of the 2nd Battle Sister squad

2nd half of the 2nd Battle Sister squad

1st half of the Novitiate Militant lead by the Novitiate Superior and Reliquarius

2nd half of the Novitiate: Penitent, Preceptor, Dialogus, Purgatus and Hospitaller

Celestian Sacresants with Anointed Halberd - These Celestians are  elite members of the Adepta Sororitas who have departed the life of a bodyguard for their Canoness, instead questing across the Imperium on behalf of their order. Some root out heresy and sedition, while others hunt down lost relics and holy sites, but all return at their master's call to fight with shield, mace, and blade when the trumpets of war sound.

Equipped with their distinct Sacresant shields and clad in the Adepta Sororitas' signature power armour, these close-combat specialists are a durable force on the battlefield, capable of withstanding tremendous firepower. With a choice of armour-piercing anointed halberds or heavy hallowed maces, the Celestian Sacresants are equipped to deal with the enemy's elite and emerge victorious.

For both units I only added some minor details and transfers.

While most members of the elite Celestian Order take to the battlefield on foot, a privileged few are afforded the honour of making war in mighty Paragon Warsuits. The machine spirits of such powerful war engines are fickle indeed, and the pilot must have both immense faith and incredible skill to control the warsuits effectively. Those who master the art, however, are capable of fighting some of the Imperium's largest foes and emerging victorious.
Paragon Warsuits are the epitome of the Adepta Sororitas' heavy infantry, carrying heavy firepower and massive close-combat weapons into the fray. Whether it's scouring away hordes of enemy infantry or dueling their strongest warriors, the pilots of these warsuits can tackle any challenge, all while trusting in the machine's thick armour plating to protect them from harm.

I only added some minor details and transfers.

A Battle Sister Zephyrim squad, painted by Ana, base material from Anvilindustries.

Zephyrim are a type of Jump Pack troop used by the Sisters of Battle specializing in melee combat. Only Sisters who experience a direct and persistant connection with the God-Emperor can become Zephyrim. Overwhelmed by this constant communion, they often lose the ability to converse with the other warriors of their Order. They speak in unknown words and exist in a state of unwavering rapture. Many amongst the Sisterhood believe that they speak prophecies that are intelligible only to those whose faith is able to decode the message. In battle they engage in vicious melees, dismembering the enemy with their Power Swords.

Zephyrim Superior!

A Battle Sister Seraphim squad from the SoB army box

A Battle Sister Repentia squad from the SoB army box

A Penitent engine and an Arcoflagellant squad from the SoB army box

A Retributor squad including two cherubs.

A Rhino for my new Sister of Battle army. To be honest, I love the new plastic Sister (OK, a bit too big), but the new vehicles are way over the top for me. Especially the new Immolator and Exorcist are too spangly. Consequently I will use a mixture of older kits with parts of the new versions.

I took extra pains to get the trademark dotted look of Ana’s minis for the vehicle. Works well together IMO!

“Prraying booth # 3 of the faithful, insert 50 credits and redeem yourself!”

I am not sure where I got this resin mini, I liked it a lot, but somehow it was never finished. To make it fit even more to the Sisters I added some candles, a cherub and a purity seal! To give the objective marker some extra stability I mounted everything on a piece of plasticard!

And the twin statues of Faith! Both are age old Hasslefree metal minis mounted on a pillar from Anvil Industries “Daughters of the Burning Rose” range!

I painted some of the Black Crab Necropolis Scum for the faithful terrain! IMO very fitting.



Veridyan - Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady

The new minis gave me also the drive to finish the resin Veridyan mini!

Veridyan is a notable Canoness of the Order of Our Martyred Lady of the Adepta Sororitas. Canoness Veridyan is a veteran of countless battles, a shining exemplar of purity and dedication. In battle, she is a shining beacon, leading her Order into battle without fear of death or damnation, her blade tearing through those who stand before her with calculated precision. Under her command, the Sisters of Battle have crushed the foes of the Imperium across the galaxy.


An Arco-flagellant is a specialised form of Servitor, created from an Imperial citizen who has been condemned to the capital punishment of arco-flagellation. In battle, Arco-flagellants are pumped full of a cocktail of narcotic stimulants that transforms them into frenzied whirlwinds of destruction utterly impervious to wounds.
An Arco-flagellant is unleashed on the enemy in a suicidal charge that causes a maximal amount of damage. They are used individually or in packs by Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus and the Sisters of Battle as disposable terror shock troops.

One of the new plastic feamle Flagellants, also a great dynamic pose and a pleasure to paint.


Sisters Repentia

One of the new plastic Repentia, great dynamic pose and a fitting fanatic look!

One of the resin Wargame Exclusive Repentia, great mini IMO but an unfitting sexy look...  ;)


Daemonifuge Ephrael Stern
"Ephrael Stern, a Seraphim of the Adepta Sororitas is kept inside the Convent Prioris upon Ophelia VII. She scribbles forbidden knowledge upon the wall of her cell. Inquisitor Silas Hand arrives to investigate, and an unlikely assassin tries to kill her. Why? Because she is the Daemonifuge. Her secret lies upon the planet Parnis.
Meanwhile the shamed Eldar Kyganil tries to rescue the Spirit-stones of his fallen comrades, little knowing that his destiny is intwined with a certain Seraphim..."

Sister Stern is mentioned in the latest Codex and she and Inquisitor Hand both had miniatures and rules as part of the Black Library character series in the early 2000s. I painted her years ago and now retouched her.


Old projects: My 2002 Ebon Chalice Sisters of Battle!

The Immolator Mk I for my Command Squad. Extra care was taken to make this vehicle stand out. Extra Armour made from Plasticard, Sandbag from a Tamiya kit, hand painted Ebon Chalice symbol on front armour and some nice and clean painting. The basic Immolator kit is actually from my 1997 2nd edition Sister army box, painted in 2002 for my 2003 GT army!


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