Battle of Hoth

New year, new project! I am planning to do both Rebel and Imperial forces for Hoth.

“The Battle of Hoth, also known as the attack on Hoth, the assault on Echo Base, or the attack on Echo Base, was a major battle fought in 3 ABY and was considered a major victory for the Galactic Empire and the single worst battlefield defeat suffered by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The battle was an Imperial invasion led by Darth Vader, aimed at destroying the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base hidden on the remote ice world Hoth and capturing Luke Skywalker. The base's location was discovered when a Viper probe droid, deployed by Darth Vader's Death Squadron randomly landed on Hoth, convincing the Rebels to begin an evacuation of Hoth.

The Imperial attack force consisted of primarily AT-AT walkers, commanded by General Maximilian Veers. His army was tasked with destroying Echo Base's main power generator to allow orbital bombardment of the planet and for Darth Vader to land on the planet. Spearheading the defense of the generator was Rogue Squadron, manning snowspeeders, commanded by Luke Skywalker, renowned for being the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star. The snowspeeders however did not have the necessary firepower to bring down the walkers, so Skywalker suggested an alternative tactic to trip up the walkers with the tow cables issued to every snowspeeder.

Despite the efforts by Rogue Squadron, the power generator was eventually destroyed by Veers' main AT-AT. The remaining base personnel proceeded to evacuate, as the 501st Legion, led by Darth Vader, entered the base. The overwhelming Imperial invasion forced the Rebellion to scatter the Alliance Fleet across the galaxy, leading to a multitude of scattered skirmishes across the galaxy for over six months.”

Imperial forces on Hoth

FFGs Vader on a Hoth themed base.

General Vers by FFG, compared to after market 3D printed minis a mediocre design with an awkward pose...

"I am General Maximillian Veers. I will have results." ―Maximilian Veers

Maximilian Veers was a human male who served as a general in the Galactic Empire's army. In that capacity, he fought in the Galactic Civil War, which pitted the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance. Veers was famous for his leadership during the Imperial assault on the then Rebellion-occupied in the Hoth system, during which he led a squadron of AT-AT walkers past Rebel defenses and personally destroyed the shield generator powering Rebel base's deflector shield. His leadership in the battle was critical to the successful takeover of the Hoth planetary system, a key victory for the Galactic Empire. Veers himself was critically injured during the battle when a Rogue Squadron snowspeeder crashed into his AT-AT's cockpit, destroying the walker, but ultimately survived.

I started my Hoth themed Imperial forces, 1st test mini was a Snow Trooper.

1st squad fully painted, another joined venture of and me.
They work IMO very well with my Range Troopers from Skullforge.

Two Snow scouts! I did a lot of base work and additional highlights on these.


Rebel forces on Hoth

Luke, Han and Leia in their Hoth outfits. For Han I chose the navy blue jacket. It was the color of the original Kenner figure, the Lucasfilm archive jacket looks more brown, but for me the blue was always cooler looking. Minis are from Skullforge!

Next reference mini for my Hoth themed Rebel forces- a Rebel Veteran Snow Trooper. I pictured him with a Luke mini from Skullforge!

Luke is a really nice mini, very well researched and flawlessly sculpted (as you can expect from Skullforge).

Next character mini is Leia, as Luke a great mini sculpted by Skullforge.

1st squad of Rebels painted in suitable winter colour by
Great work by them again. I just added some extra snow texture and applied some Rebel transfers from Brent Dietrich!

My Skullforge Han, Leia heroes are well fitting!

Golan Arms DF.9 Laser Cannon

Manufactured by Golan Arms, the DF.9 was a fixed emplacement anti-infantry weapon. It incorporated a single DF.9 laser cannon mounted atop a four-meter tall cylindrical housing. The tower was composed of heavily-armored durasteel, with proton-shielding that was resistant to close-quarters blaster fire but useless against the firepower of an All Terrain Armored Transport. The tower featured a front access panel for access, and an upper observation hatch.

The turreted laser cannon employed precision targeting computers, and had a one-hundred and eighty degree rotation. The optimal range for the DF.9 was three kilometers, although the laser cannon was capable of hitting targets at a distance of sixteen kilometers at the cost of decreased accuracy. The DF.9 was capable of firing a shot every three seconds, although the beam diverged and degraded over its maximum range. The impact of the energy beam scattered explosive energy and produced a secondary blast of radiation. The collateral effect produced an eight-meter radius impact point that could effectively destroy entire squads of soldiers. The weapon produced more destructive firepower than heavy repeating blasters such as the E-Web heavy repeating blaster.

The mini shown is an old WotC soft plastic model, I bought it years ago very cheap.

The cannon barrel was soft and warped (as expected) so I replaced it with a thick copper wire. Mounted on an after marked mdf base in the same size as the 1.4 laser and presto the stand in is ready!

Painting was super simple since the WotC minis were painted, so only some weathering and snow and all was good.

The red rebel logo is a Company B transfer!














Mark II medium repeating blaster cannon

The Mark II medium repeating blaster cannon was a blaster cannon manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc., and was one of the weapons used to defend the Rebel Alliance's Echo Base from invading Imperial forces during the Battle of Hoth.

The Mark II was easily deployed under barren circumstances for it could accept power from many different sources. The Mark II was mounted on a tripod and could be operated by a single gunner. Mark IIs deployed by the Rebel Alliance were used against infantry troops, since it did not have the power to punch through the armor of the All Terrain Armored Transports on Hoth.


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