15mm Modern


Humvee by Irishserb (gunner by GZG), US Soldiers by Rebel Minis

Recently I discovered Irishserb . Their Humvees and Bradley model caught my eye. Time to also paint up some of Rebel Minis splendid 15mm Modern US. If you like 15mm moderns, I can only recommend these two companies!

Bradley by Irishserb

Vehicles by Irishserb (Humvee gunner by GZG), US Soldiers by Rebel Minis

Bundeswehr in Afghanistan

Bundeswehr Patrol (QRF)

IDF: Start of a new project - Lebanon 1982

IDF Patrol and M113 Zelda (Peter Pig)

IDF Patrol and M163 Vulcan (Peter Pig)

IDF M163 Vulcan (Peter Pig)

IDF Merkava I Group (QRF, Crewmen Peter Pig, scratchbuild Paperflag, additional stowage)

IDF Merkava I (QRF, Crewmen Peter Pig, scratchbuild Paperflag)

IDF Merkava I (QRF, Crewman Peter Pig)

M163, IDF Patrol and Merkava I (Peter Pig, Merkava QRF)

Navigating the narrow streets of Beirut... Posters on the buildings by Gamecraft!

WIP - Syrian Infantry

Syrian BRDM2 A/Car and BRDM2 w. AT .5 Spandrel (Skytrex)

Syrian T-55 (Peter Pig)


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