TAG Rangers

Mogadishu Rangers

The Rangers are a recently released TAG miniature range. IMO one of the best they have done so far.

Two more Rangers. I used TAG’s ALICE and MOLLE packs for added “realism”.

A scenario piece for the Rangers. Made from the diorama wall from TAG’s Ranger line. The Rockets are from a 1/48 Apache plastic model kit.

I plan to build several scenery pieces of a crashed helicopter.

Some more newly painted Rangers from TAG. The small flag on the chest of the pistol wearing guy is a transfer. (See further down) I still think that the Rangers are the best line TAG has done so far.

I have painted up two more of their fine Ranger line. This time I also used some decals for hyper detailing. I really like the added realism that comes with the flag and the Ranger symbol.
Meanwhile one sharp eyed visitor of this site noticed that the flag is facing wrong. I will keep that in mind with future models.
Also - the decals are from
Brent Dietrich.

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