At this space I will show some of my growing collection of today’s warriors. Ultramodern is the term used nowadays for every today and near future conflict. In 28mm now I am only showing some minis from TAG and Gripping Beast’s MoFo range.

TAG  - The Assault Group - are at the cutting edge of modern miniature gaming. They seem to be a nice group of guys who produce a growing line of ultramodern miniatures in the popular 28 mm scale. So far they have done US Marines, Afghans, Somalis, US Rangers (which are my favourites!) and very recently the very good Iraqis. The miniatures are really high quality sculpts and castings. 

MoFo - Another good company that produce wargames miniatures for the period covering 1980 to the present day. All miniatures are 28mm and cast in pewter.

Since both ranges seems to expanding really fast and I am also painting more and more of modern miniatures I have dedicated separate sections for each affiliation. The mini comparison shows that their ranges are also compatible. MoFo is a bit leaner, while TAG is more heroic... (or beefy) ;-)


Battlefield Evolution:

The ill fated modern combat line featured badly pre-painted tanks of the the cheaper toy variant. Hopefully the following photos show that the kits can be suitable “pimped” for tabletop use...

BF: Evo Abrams together with TAG Rangers

I added some stowage, the antennas, repainted the whole kit, applied a serious wash, did some outlining and some weathering.

BF: Evo Abrams together with FoA Hummer



TAG’s trademark rugged, hard as nails looking TV Reporter.


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