Black Plague

Zombicide - Black Plague

Group shot of the heroes painted so far, Little Prince (Gipi), Mizar (Bonner), Donna Carlotta (Gipi), Ann (Core box).
I love the game addition, but the medieval fantasy setting is really not my thing.

Grin (The Joker) an additional Necromancer - Kickstarter Exclusive bonus mini.

Scowl (Batman) the Dark Knight - Kickstarter Exclusive bonus mini.

The base on Scowl was a bit warped, stuff like this really gets on my nerves (yes I am that way), so I decided to rebase my minis. I took a negative using milliput from a cobblestone base. I then stamped it to the final base again using milliput as the base material. The same was used with the KS 1st Player Coin to create Ann’s base.

Dr Stormcrow, one of my favourite sculpts of the KS exclusive promo figures. The sheer amount of detail on this miniature is simply breathtaking! For the base I used again my milliput negatives...

Mizar from the Paul Bonner box

Gipi Guest Box
Survivors of the Gipi box

Donna Carlotta from the Gipi box

Pipino from the Gipi box

Celia la Santa from the Gipi box

Brother Tucker, Theo and Baldric

Shalheira from the Edouard Guiton guest box

“They may not die, but they can be stopped.” Shalheira’s people came down from the north during the last war. While many of her people left again, moving back to more comfortable climes, Shalheira stayed. She is in service to a human lord, hunting to feed human mouths and fighting to save human lives. All this is for a reason, however. Shalheira’s people have seen these zombies before. Long ago, her people fought them and won, but it was a hard victory. If the zombies make it all the way back north, Shalheira’s people may not survive. She fights here to save now only human lives, but elfin.

Ann the somehow crazed Nun of the core Black Plague box. Very quick paint job to get her on the table as fast as possible.

Another idea, why not paint the Black Plague Zs as White Walkers from Game of Thrones?

Rebased White Walker Zombies, another really fast quick paint.

Wrath of Kings Mod?

Dragon Legion Keeper

Well, having said that I am not so much into the original BP setting, maybe I can do something about it? I am tinkering with the idea of a Wrath of King adaptation/ mod.

I could easily create all the heroes by using WoK minis, I am not sure about the Zombies. Maybe I a using other WoK minis and just presume that they are all under a spell of an evil Goritsi?

The cards could look like these:

Elsis with her typical Pelagarth tough skin can be used as a Samson stand in.

Dragon Legion (as Clovis), Shalheira (as Silas), the Shield of Taelfon (as Baldric) and  Elsis (as Samson).

Iron Lotus (as Nelly)

Red Willow (as Ann)


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