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GEAR KRIEG - Two-Fisted Pulp Superscience in a World at War!
  • 1920s Development of the "Mechanical Walking Suspension" by J. Walter Christie;
  • 1930s Germans copy Christie's walking machines under the peaceful guise of their 'Landwirtschaftlicher Arbeiter' ('Agricultural Worker') experiments;
  • 1934 The world's first true walking machine revealed at the Nuremberg Rally;
  • 1936 The PzK III armored walker presented at the Berlin Olympic Games;
  • 1939 The first successful American walkers are showcased at the World's Fair "Futurama" pavilion;
  • 1939 German Panzerkämpfer cross into Poland. The Second World War has begun.


The world would indeed have been a different place had the Roaring Twenties not delivered the wonders promised by visionaries. Instead, war walkers now stride across the battlefield of Europe, huge supertanks thunder over North Africa, rocket fighters duel high above the Pacific, adventurers and superspies battle the Nazi forces in the shadows and scientists work feveriously in their laboratories to perfect the next doomsday weapon for their masters.

Powered by advanced science, will the darkness of fascism spread across the world, or can brave men and women prevent it?

Gear Krieg is Dream Pod 9’s alternate history WW2 game.

28mm Walküre-class Combat Walker

I finally found some time to paint more Gear Krieg stuff. I always wanted to do a 28 mm (1/60) Gear Krieg walker, and one week of vacation worked wonder for that project!

This is my first Walküre in 28 mm, a huge "kitbashed" model. I had some difficulties modeling the secondary movement system (using the treads of a German tank kit did not work out as expected), so I left it off. Maybe it's a field repaired walker, or a different variant? The legs are from a GW Sentinel kit, the Panzerfahrer is from West End Games (Berlin or Bust), the DAK officer is from Artizan Designs, the armor on the legs is made of Plasticard and the rest is a butchered Dragon SdKfZ 250 half-track.

Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear has been called by many the finest science-fiction game on the market. A rich world has been painted in the many supplements available, a world that is at war with itself. Heavy Gear, definitively not your father's Giant Robot game!

Basic Premise: human colonies caught in interstellar war; "Tom Clancy's Mecha"

Genre: politico-military science fiction, mecha/giant robots

Primary Locales: habitable planets, ground warfare

Default Character Role: military, though many others are possible

Back Story: The year is 6132. More than three hundred years ago, a political crisis on Earth caused it to abandon its colonies and retreat into isolation. Since that fateful day, the former colonists have adapted to their new home planets and evolved into distinct societies. As our story opens, the former colony of Terra Nova is recovering from the War of the Alliance, wherein they successfully repelled a surprise invasion attempt by a newly imperialist Earth government. Victory was short-lived, however: the power brokers of Terra Nova are restless once again. No one seems to know or care what is happening to the rest of the human colony worlds -- an oversight that might have devastating consequences in the future...

I really, really like the backstory, design and the whole visual appeal of  Heavy Gear. I am not sure about the rule system. As usual this is not stopping me to paint some minis.


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