Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks - The Miniatures Game

“When the Martians hit Earth, they hit it hard. Fighting now rages all across the globe and the tales of devastation and despair are many.  Our story focuses on a little place called Greenville…

Take one look at Greenville and all you’ll see is a friendly American Town. You might not think it’s anything special, but you’d be wrong...  While the world’s governments stood idly by, a secret organisation called the Novas Vira was preparing to defend Earth from the Martians. In hidden locations deep beneath the planet’s surface, they built a secure communications grid using reverse-engineered Martian technology supplied by a mysterious benefactor.” from the Mantic Miniatures homepage.

I pledged on the very successful Mantic Kickstarter and received my reward recently. The miniatures are a good mix of great rewards and some real glitches. The basic are Martian Soldiers are much to my liking!

They have an enormous crossover potential! I plan to use them in Zombicide, weird WW II, Retro SF etc. And since everybody wants some comparison pics, here you go:


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