GKR Heavy Hitter


“From the miscreants at Weta Workshop and Cryptozoic comes Weta Workshop’s first tabletop game, set in the sports-crazy dystopian future of Giant Killer Robots! Strap in for the most epic smackdown this side of the megapocalypse. Gather your squad of Giant Killer Robots (GKRs), build your deck, and face your rivals in the ultimate fight for fame, fortune, and sweet salvage rights. Scheme, strategize and strong-arm your way to victory as you dominate the media landscape, one billboard at a time.

King Wolf Units: Sentinel (Combat), the Heavy Hitter and Scanner (Recon)

King Wolf Support Units: Scanner (Recon), Sentinel (Combat) and Grease Monkey (Repair)

GKR: Heavy Hitters is a standalone, customizable tabletop game for 1-4 players, combining high-quality collectibles with dice-rolling, mech-building and tactical play! Pilot your Heavy Hitter (the biggest, baddest robot on the board) and a squad of three Support Units through the ruins of an old city, competing to either wipe your opponent off the map or reduce four skyscrapers to rubble.  


  • A unique hex-based tabletop gameplay experience
  • x4 Giant high-quality Heavy Hitter miniatures up to 139mm tall
  • x12 highly detailed Support Units  standing up to 47mm tall.
  • x10 Buildings that break up the landscape and alter the way you play, every time
  • x193 cards with unique artwork from Weta Workshop artists
  • Four corporate Factions, each with its own weapons and abilities
  • Four Pilots with special skills
  • Five distinct phases of play
  • Two ways to win!


The story goes like this...Big plague. People died. Governments fell over. Things got bad, real fast. Fortunately, the corporations saved the day! Under their command, things got a whole lot better. But what to do with all those abandoned cites? There’s money to be made in the salvage rights. But which corporation gets them? Enter the Giant Killer Robots League.”

from the GKR Kickstarter page.







The King Wolf himself - a true big model, it stands 14cm tall!

I really like the game. It combines miniatures with a customisable card game, some dice rolls and a nice 3D gaming board. The big Robots are pre painted, while the support Bots come unpainted but slightly washed to give the detailed features a more defined look. Of course none of this was enough for me, so time for a repaint.

Basically I sticked to the officially colours, only the Orange of the King Wolf corporation is a bit lighter. For the base I tried hard to mimic the look of the game board. The official decals also helped!

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