Retro SF


A Valkeeri Leader of Hydras Retro Raygun range. Buxom but deadly Retro SF alien Ladies!

War Rocket

Space Battles in the Atomic Age - If you ever liked Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon and wanted to game some space combat in the Atomic Age - get this game. Really beautiful model by Hydra Miniatures.

Imperial Class 1 and 2 Pirate ship

Retro SF Robots

A Robot Legionnaire-advancing from Hydras Robot Legion range. Stunning Retro SF Pulp Robots that capture the spirit of this genre perfectly! Best thing is that their minis are multipart kits with some customisation options.

Ace McGuire Galacteer Hero

Another great Hydra mini! Very heroic and so fitting to all retro SF games.

Gucky - Saver of the Universe!

The Gucky Mini is from the age old Metal Magic Perry Rhodan miniature line. Now sadly long OOP. If you look at these minis from a Perry Rhodan point of view you can see Gucky, a Gladiator Combatrobot and Perry Rhodan himself...


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