Grey Knights

Grey Knights

There are times when the scale of a daemonic infestation is such that even the most formidable and righteous Inquisitors need to call upon aid to triumph. Only one force in the breadth of the galaxy has any chance of stemming such a daemonic infestation: the Grey Knights.

Grey Knight Medic right out of the new Terminator box.

Grey Knight plastic model right out of the new Terminator box, I am planning to use him as a Grand Master or Paladin.

Surpassing even their brother Space Marines in skill and ability, the level of expertise that each Grey Knight wields is such that they can exterminate a daemonic infestation that outnumbers them many times over. Armed with psychically charged force weapons, storm bolters and an unshakeable faith in the Emperor, there is little more daunting a foe for a Daemon to face.

Grey Knight Kill Team.

The Kill Team is inspired by Ben Counters great “Grey Knight” novel. Justicar Alaric is leading his small squad against impossible odds. I have converted 5 miniatures, all of them are now painted: The force Hammer swinging Brother Dvorn and Brother Haulvarn, armed with his Force sword. Both are led by Brother Justicar Alaric with his force halberd. Supported by Brother Vien with his flamer and brother Clostus, the best shot in the group.

I made myself a Christmas Gift this year. I bought a complete 1500 pts GK army from Simon Hutchinson. The models are really well painted and sealed with a gloss then matt varnish. Simon even attached them to the bases in a unique way...
Quote: “2 Steel pins are inserted to the feet of every figure and pinned to the bases. They are not glued to the bases however.  This is done on purpose as it allows you to remove the figures from the bases they come supplied with and mount them on others.
I like my figures to be based so they match my gaming table but I understand that not everyone's gaming table is the same.  So you want snow themed bases or Industrial pipes for bases, its no problem. Just pop the figures off the ones they are currently on and pin them to the ones you want. They are totally usable as they are and wont accidentally fall off their bases.”
I loved that feature! I am really strict when it comes to basing, for me it is the visual bon of an army. The army arrived on Christmas eve. Over the last week I rebased them, added some decals and repainted the force weapons. Call me happy!

The right GK is exactly as it came from Simon, the left one is rebased to fit my favourite table better, I also added the decal to the tabard, drilled the always important holes in the Bolters and repainted the lightning effect of the blade.

Two more GKs, this time done by me alone. Interceptor Knight with Incinerator and Purifier with Psicannon (what else).

Same for the Terminator - the right GK is exactly as it came from Simon, the left one is rebased to fit my favourite table better, I also added the decal to the tabard and repainted the lightning effect of the blade.

Best of it all, Simon’s painting really fits to my older Grey Knight Kill Team! Only the GK with the Psycannon is painted by him.

So here is the first finished squad, rebased, repainted blades, decal attached and gun holes drilled.

1st squad painted completely by me. Grey Knights Interceptors.


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