Kill Team

Kill Team 2018

The new edition of Kill Team is IMO a very solid one. While the rules are a bit difficult to get into if you play the current 40K, it is a great easy and also challenging game. A what is different to 40K sheet would help!

Anyway, the great thing about KT for all painters and modellers is the incredible low mini count to get playing. If you go for Primaris Marines or Tau Stealth Suits you can field a team with 5 (!) models. A design goal that I also achieved with my “Victory Decision Raid!” book.

Kill Team - Rogue Trader

The start of my Rogue Trader team. While waiting for the KT Rogue Trader box to arrive I decided to dig out some old minis and paint them as my Rogue Traders.

Above you see the stand ins for Sanistasia Minst, Elucia Vhane and Aximillion. An really old metal Sister Hospitaller, Jack "Captain Blood" Meinhardt from Artel W and the Karakulak space cat from the "Colony 87 - 28mm Sci-Fi Civilians" Kickstarter.

The Jack mini really captures the essence of an intrepid Rogue Trader up on the edge of the Imperiums space to me.

The 1st Voidsman! The mini is from Anvil Industries and might serve double duty as a Victorian SF Marine of Captain Nemo.

The 2nd Voidsman! The mini is a GW Militarum Tempestus Scion with a Dreamforge Panzerjaeger head! The Jack Rogue Trader minis somehow has a strong Teutonic look to me, maybe it is the cybermonocle! Consequently I thought that the Indian look Voidsman is not really fitting and went for a Teutonic scion look.

Works for me! I even repainted the green parts on Jack...


Kill Team - Adeptus Mechanicus

The new 2018 Kill Team rules are much to my liking. Consequently I made up a 100 pts lists and finished my Skitarii.

The Skitarii of the Team. Mid range fire support! The Sicaran Ruststalker and the lone Infiltrator section. Deadly in CC and fast.


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