Kill Team


Kill Team 2021

What a relaunch! Finally alternate mini activation, opposed dice rolls and a great campaign system. The only thing that feels a bit clumsy to me is the measurement system and the way the rules are written at some places.

Anyway - the first game was fun. The compendium gives you the chance to filed Custodes and Sisters of Silence. And since I am also a big fan of Chris Wraight's Watchers of the Throne novel series I decided that a Team based around the two main characters would be cool!
Clad in inviolable auramite, Shield-Captain Valerian is a Custodian of the Hykanatoi brotherhood. Headstrong, but a great warrior, he yearns to bring the wrath of the Adeptus Custodes beyond the confines of Holy Terra. He wields the guardian spear Gnosis and wears the wreath of Guilliman as a mark of honour.

Valerian was a Shield-Captain within the Adeptus Custodes' Hykanatoi's Palaiologian Chamber during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. He was later named the Hero of Lion's Gate, by Lord Commander Guilliman for his efforts during the Crusade's battles on Terra and Vorlese.

Tanau Aleya is a veteran of the Sisters of Silence, those charged with seeking aberrant witches and dangerous psykers for destruction. A ferocious fighter and hunter, she wields a relic weapon, the blade marked 'Somnus' in honour of the first temple of the Sisterhood on Luna.

She was a Witch Seeker within the Sisters of Silence during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. She has since become a Knight-Centura, after Lord Commander Guilliman restored her Order.

Talons of the Emperor

Valerian and his Brother in Arms are leading the Kill Team.

Aleya and her Sister are supporting the team.

Traitor Space Marine Kill Team - Death Guard

As the Sons of Horus team I am using 30k minis as stand ins using the current Kill Team rules. Funny thing is - I really DISlike the 40k Plague Marines, but like the 30k Death Guard. (Same with my Emperors Children.)

Grave Warden Terminator (as PM Heavy Gunner with Blight Launcher), Tactical Marine with Plasma Gun (as PM Gunner with Plasma Gun), Praetor (as PM Champion with Boltgun and Powerfist), Tactical Marine with Vexilla (as PM Icon Bearer) and finally a Deathshroud Terminator (as Fighter with Great Plague Cleaver and Bolt pistol). Note the scale creep even in the Forge World Heresy minis, just compare the current Praetor and both Terminators!


Traitor Space Marine Kill Team - Sons of Horus

The Kill Team started as 3 Marines for Blackstone Fortress. I finally finished a full team by adding three more Sons of Horus.
I am planning to play some 30 K games using the current KT rules.

2 Marine Warriors, 1 Gunner (Plasma Gun, Mk III backpack and SoH Forge World resin Mk VI head), Heavy Gunner (counts as heavy Bolter, I only modified the backpack), Icon Barer (I used the really good Forge World Maloghurst the Twisted mini) and an Aspiring Champion to lead.
I really like the late heresy twisted chaos look that is IMO not totally over the top.


Kill Team - Gellerpox Infected

Foul war bands afflicted by a gruesome techno-organic plague, the Gellerpox Infected are nightmarish meldings of festering flesh and malignant machinery. These hideous beings may once have been loyal servants of the God-Emperor, plying the void beneath the safety of a geller field – such days are long gone, wiped away by supernatural sickness and a gleeful compulsion to spread their infection across the stars.

The team is a joined venture of the great Ana Polanšćak and me. I converted the minis, customized the bases and painted 4 Glitchlings to give Ana a colour idea, after that the true artist of the team (Ana!) came in in and painted minis. I am totally happy with the look she achieved.

A Bloatspawn and Vulgrar Thrice Cursed, the Leader of the team

A Fleshscreamer and Lumberghast

Gellerpox Mutants

Glitchlings are Daemons of Nurgle that are similar in size and appearance to Nurglings, except that they wear metal masks. They are known to fight beside any creature that has been infected by the Gellerpox plague.

I tried to copy the dark style of Ana Polanšćak, I even sprayed some of her trademark white dots on the base...  ;)

Gellerpox Cursemites

Gellerpox Eyestinger

Gellerpox Sludge-Grubs


Kill Team 2018

The 2018 edition of Kill Team is IMO a very solid one. While the rules are a bit difficult to get into if you play the current 40K, it is a great easy and also challenging game. A “what is different to 40K” sheet would help!

Anyway, the great thing about KT for all painters and modellers is the incredible low mini count to get playing. If you go for Primaris Marines or Tau Stealth Suits you can field a team with 5 (!) models. A design goal that I also achieved with my “Victory Decision Raid!” book.

Kill Team - Rogue Trader

The start of my Rogue Trader team. While waiting for the KT Rogue Trader box to arrive I decided to dig out some old minis and paint them as my Rogue Traders.

Above you see the stand ins for Sanistasia Minst, Elucia Vhane and Aximillion. An really old metal Sister Hospitaller, Jack "Captain Blood" Meinhardt from Artel W and the Karakulak space cat from the "Colony 87 - 28mm Sci-Fi Civilians" Kickstarter.

The Jack mini really captures the essence of an intrepid Rogue Trader up on the edge of the Imperiums space to me.

The 1st Voidsman! The mini is from Anvil Industries and might serve double duty as a Victorian SF Marine of Captain Nemo.

The 2nd Voidsman! The mini is a GW Militarum Tempestus Scion with a Dreamforge Panzerjaeger head! The Jack Rogue Trader minis somehow has a strong Teutonic look to me, maybe it is the cybermonocle! Consequently I thought that the Indian look Voidsman is not really fitting and went for a Teutonic scion look.

Works for me! I even repainted the green parts on Jack...


Kill Team - Adeptus Mechanicus

The new 2018 Kill Team rules are much to my liking. Consequently I made up a 100 pts lists and finished my Skitarii.

The Skitarii of the Team. Mid range fire support! The Sicaran Ruststalker and the lone Infiltrator section. Deadly in CC and fast.


Kill Team - Genestealer Cult - The Bladed Cog

The start of my Bladed Cog Kill Team Cult! An age old Purestrain Genestealer - still metal! A new Aberrant from the Overkill box and an old metal Hybrid. I was really curious if these models work together, IMO yes!

"The slave revolt of the planet Feinminster Gamma eventually proved more powerful than the Mechanicus crusade that surged across its surface. The army of Tech-Priest Dominus Ovid Thrensiom had arrived in force seeking a rich harvest of bio-electricty from the planet’s living population. The atmosphere of oppression and paranoia that resulted was fertile ground for the spread of an underground religion. When a Purestrain Genestealer was unwittingly borne to the planet’s surface by the freighter Redspark, a widespread cult was soon to follow. The xenoform was seen as proof that there were other worlds beyond the clouds and that salvation could be found in its worship. Talks of "New Deliverance" turned into a full-fledged movement, which eventually became a revolution against Mechanicum rule. When Thrensiom was overthrown and slain, the broodkin of the Bladed Cog swapped one set of cruel masters for another, though the latter brotherhood are infinitely worse.
The Cult of the Bladed Cog has assimilated much of the technologies and capabilities of the Mechanicum, including infected Skitarii who have been converted into Nexos as well as large amounts of Servitors. The Cult seeks to blend alien and machine, producing bionic horrors. The Cult worships the Hive Mind as a deity known as the "Clawed Omnissiah", propagating that the Machine Cult is misleading with their mantra that the flesh is weak. Unlike the bionic-obsessive Mechanicum, the Bladed Cog welcomes organic and cybernetic alike and this has seen their ranks swell from the underclasses of Forge Worlds.
Recently, the Bladed Cog have completely taken over Feinminster Gamma and have used it as a staging platform for further expansion. They have declared a crusade against the oppression of the Adeptus Mechanicus and have invaded a string of Forge Worlds. The Iron Hands have come to the Mechanicum's defense on Ghoulwright."

Kill Team - Necrons

Another side project that might be finished one day. Basically I needed an excuse to order the excellent Wargame Exclusive female Necrocyborg kits. I was not disappointed, as good as expected! The right Necron is a Flayed One stand in made with Ad Mech Ruststalker parts since I always found the Flayed One minis incredible stupid (in a funny but not horrible way).

New take on my Necrons, the colour scheme is incredible fast to paint, I might stick with it!

The Necron Royal Warden, very nice model. I use Greenstuff World Antique Gold Chrome Metal on my new Necrons, IMO a very nice effect to create the liquid living metal look.

Some Immortals as Bodyguards of the Royal Warden.



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