I played Fallout 1 and 2 and loved the franchise ever since. With the recent Modiphius Fallout mini game announced I dug out some old Brother Vinni NOT Fallout minis and started painting. In addition I am playing Fallout 4 atm.

So here we go, the infamous Ant Powerarmour!

And a group shot with mans best friend, Dogmeat!

The dog is actually from the Zombicide Dog companion range.

T-60a Power armour from Modiphius Fallout Warfare game line. A resin mini. The casting of the Brother Vinni mini is better,  Modiphius is bigger and got more details, but somehow brittle.


Walking Dead

Below you see Michelle (or NOT-Michonne) with her Zombie “Pets” from Studiominiatures.

Michonne and Rick - the comic book one handed version!

Zombicide Sheriff and Studio Minis “Michonne”


Two walkers from Tengu Miniatures.

From left to right: 2x Tengu, Wargames Factory Vixen, Tengu

From left to right: Tengu, Studio Miniatures Plastic Z, Tengu


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