Marvel United - Will the Heroes Prevail Against Nefarious Supervillains?

“Red Skull, Ultron, and Taskmaster are attacking the city, each with their own evil scheme for destruction and domination. To stop them, superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are joining forces. In the end, will the combined efforts of these heroes be enough to save the world?
In Marvel United, players must work together to stop the plans of an evil Supervillain. They will use each hero’s custom deck of powers and abilities, playing off the strengths of one-another for added effect, as they try and finish missions and take out the villain before it’s too late. They’ll battle in locations all around the city. In the end, either the city will be saved, or the world will be doomed.”

That is the small intro from CMON’s site. I backed the KS, and not, and then again. Honestly there was no KS before where I changed my mind so often. I am a big Superhero fan, be it Marvel, DC or independent work. BUT - I really DISLIKE cute chibis... So it was tough for me to stick with the KS, in the end I went all in ...

Anyway - I was positively surprised! The rules are simple enough but also have enough depth for my taste. The minis are GREAT (for chibis) and are fun to paint. I started with Rocket and Kroot, not my best paint job but very fast, IIRC both in around 1h.

So expect more super cute minis from me... SIGH!

Marvel United Heroes

Guardians of the Galaxy - Expansion Box plus Drax

Guardians of the Galaxy - Kroot and Rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mantis and Drax

Guardians of the Galaxy - Nebula

Captain America

Iron Man



Captain Marvel in Kree colours

Adam Warlock

Moon Knight

Mockingbird, Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye

Winter Soldier and Falcon

Marvel United Villains

Thanos - painted in old school metallics, I am just to old to get into NMM...  ;)

Red Skull - Note the small Hydra symbol on his left arm (transfer by Brent Dietrich)

Ultron, super fast paint job, primed black, then metal. After that some drybrush and the red details, glossy varnish, done.

Baron Zemo - I really liked painting him!

Guardians of the Galaxy Box - Ronan the Acuser

Black Dwarf, despite his name, is the largest and most powerful of Thanos’ sinister alien alliance, the Black Order. He is the brother of team leader and Thanos’ general, Corvus Glaive, and brother-in-law to Corvus’s wife and fellow Black Order team member, Proxima Midnight. He prefers oversized cosmic weapons like maces and axes to deliver blows powerful enough to crack asteroids in half.

Fantastic Four Expansion

The superhero family, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Reed Richards and Johnny Storm! FF 4 - very nice minis, but the translucent parts are a pain to mask...

Long time enemy Doc Doom and the Silver Surfer, an ally since the 1st appearance of Galactus! The Surfer was just cleaning mold lines and repainting some bright silver here and there, darker silver was also used to created some shadows.


Marvel United X-Men

My starting X Men (women) team.

Professor X aka Charles Francis Xavier - just a clean paintjob.

Storm aka Ororo Munroe - I chose a darker paint scheme, more fitting to the 2000 X Men movie.

Marvel Girl (later Phoenix and Dark Phoenix) aka Jean Grey - I just had to rework the base, the sculpted cloudy effect was too much for me...

Cyclops aka Scott Summers - No conversion work here, just a solid chibi mini!

Logan the Wolverine - Again I had to rework the base, the sculpted cloudy effect was too much for me... but nothing a bit of milliput can’t solve!

Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) - no conversion work - just a neat paint job. I was amazed and delighted that the sculpt uses more or less the same idea for the base as I did 10 years ago for my Hero Clix re-paint!

Mystique aka Raven Darkhölme - small cutting conversion work - I cut the skirt a bit, the reverse flap was taking some dynamic from the sculpt IMO.

Deadpool - aka Wade Winston Wilson - is a Canadian freelance mercenary who became a superhuman with an accelerated healing factor from the Mutant Workshop program.


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