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And suddenly - out of the blue - a new release for my Victory Decision game line! The latest release: Raid! The ultraskirmish version of Victory Decision WW II!

What is ultraskirmish? The game that allows you to command a squad sized force in the momentous conflict of World War II. Each unit in “Victory Decision: Raid!” represents one individual infantry model. Games are focused on infantry squad vs infantry squad, and a typically have 6-10 figures per side.
These rules cover almost all aspects of World War II wargaming, from Troop Quality and Leadership to Bunker Assaults, Combat in Buildings and Vehicle combat. Victory Decision: Raid! features a unique Leadership-modified alternate unit activation system. The result is a fun and fast paced war game that involves both players constantly. The rules are designed with 20-28mm miniatures in mind, but the Victory Decision: Raid! game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 15mm to 32mm. So whatever your existing miniature collection consists of, you can start playing right away.

This rulebook not only provides Scenarios but also 27 Point based Force Lists for British, German, Soviet and US forces from early to late war. All necessary Game Markers are also included within this book.

New this week:

 Necromunda is back! The first two minis are painted, check them out in their brand new section.

In addition I again painted more Massive Darkness and Black Plague minis.

Have fun and a nice week! Agis Neugebauer, December 09 2017


New in last weeks

My Eldar are getting an old converted Wave Serpent repaint.

In addition I painted more Massive Darkness minis.


My oldhammer Eldar 90s Ulthwe Wraithguard squad plus a Spiritseer is repainted.

In addition I painted my 1st Massive Darkness mini: Owen the Paladin. And I also took a picture of my WotC bendy Star Wars Rebel minis.

After some distractions I am back on my oldhammer Eldar. My 90s Ulthwe Wraithguard getting a repaint.

I also took some pictures of my Foundry Darkest Africa minis.


A Blood Angel Reiver and finally Guilliman are getting a paintjob!



My Ynnari Corsairs are getting the Yncarne! Another joined venture of Scar’s Minis and me.



And another Primaris Marine squad is done. The 3rd Blood Angel Primaris squad of Intercessor Marines!

And since the Eldar Codex came out this week I also finished my 1st Ynnari Corsairs squad.


Again Primaris Marine. My Blood Angel Primaris get another finished squad of Intercessor Marines!



Again Trek! The new Trek minis are out! I apinted two more Trek minis, one Klingon and one Romulan female. Mind blowing good miniatures!

And my Blood Angel Primaris get a finished squad of Hellblaster Marines!


Back to Trek! Glorious times for all Trek fans, Discovery takes up speed (after Episode 3 I am hooked) and Modiphius RPG gets better by the minute!

The new Trek minis are out and I painted Picard asap to show the difference to the give away promo mini Modiphius gave away.


Again a new project, Iyanden Ghostwarriors. My favourite Craftworld is Ulthwe, but Iyanden always was a close second. So please check out an old Wraithguard model and a brand new Wave Serpent.



More Harlequins! This time 3 old Death Jester and the current Solitaire.



Harlequins! My old love - the Harlequins are back! Maybe you remember my 2001 Dark Harlequins. An awkward attempt to field an Harlequin army without a proper army list. Still great fun in 2001. Now we have not only a dedicated list, but also an incredible nice miniature range.

1st model from the new range - a Starweaver, airbrush and spangled as it gets.

Back to my Craftworld Eldar, this week Warp Spiders. And I found some time to paint some more Clone Wars X-Wing fighter.



I continued my work on my Eldar, this week two new sections: Eldar Terrain and Ynnari Corsairs.



I continued my work on old Eldar, this week Dire Avengers.




And again Eldar, Grey Knights, Mechanicus terrain and a full Badlands table.



And again Eldar - this time a very old weapon platform, new terrain and Dark Reapers.



Again Eldar - this time some old Jetbikes (yes even the very 1st metal ones!) and Fire Dragons.



What can I say, I am in the firm grasp of the new 40K. About time to retouch my old 1990/ 2000 metal Eldar. They even got there own new section, my older Eldar in their original paints are stored in the 2000 Eldar section.!

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