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New this week:

Again more Star Trek and finally some more Imperial Assault! I painted the USS Prometheus from Voyager Ep 414. See it in the Star Trek section.

And two more Imperial Assault Royal Guards!

Have fun and a nice week!
Agis Neugebauer, August 28 2016

New in last weeks

Again more Star Trek! Picard from Modiphius Entertainment got painted, and another Klingon ship is also done. See it all in the Star Trek section.

In addition the first Wayland Yutani Commando is also finished, another incredible good sculpt for AvP.

More Star Trek! I received the new Kirk and Picard promotion minis from Modiphius Entertainment and painted Kirk (Picard will follow next week).

In addition the Enterprise E gets a repaint. See it all in the Star Trek section.

My interest in Star Trek was recently re-ignited; Beyond was OK, a new TV Series is announced and Modiphius Entertainment announced the development of Star Trek Adventures! See it all in the Star Trek section.


2 more Marines are painted, again incredible good sculpted minis.

See it all in the AvP section.


The next big Alien is painted the so called Royal Guard Alien, a creature from the expanded background.

I also finished a second batch of warriors.

See it all in the AvP section.

I started painting the big Aliens, 1st is the Alien Queen from Alien II.

And after receiving countless questions how I painted them all so fast, I also included a small pictured tutorial.

See it all in the AvP section.

5 Alien II Warrior Aliens gets painted.  See them in the AvP section.
Also new is the Astivar
Jakron Interceptor from the current Shattered Void KS!


5 more Alien I “Infants” gets painted. Also the first Predator - the KS only Predette! See them in their section.

I also painted 2 more Kharkov Germans.


The Alien I “Infant” is painted. Also the first Colonial Marine. See them in their section.



Another great miniature range - Heer46 Kharkov range. I painted the 1st mini a MP40 armed Officer in the typical Kharkov parka.



More Alien III stalkers. See them in their new section. I really pushed myself and painted 8 more this week.



The wait is finally over, my AvP pledge has arrived! I painted two Alien stalkers ASAP. See them in their new section.

Also new are some really good 15mm minis, the MTU Bravo Team.

16 Cultists for Execution Force and my Thousands Sons plus Word Bearers are done.



More Mishima minis painted! After the Crimson Devil my second Hatamoto gets some paint!


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