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New this week:

I did some more minis of the upcoming Cohors Cthulhu game. Some Romans, stand in for Auxiliary Archers terrain and opponents.




Keep on gaming, have fun and a nice week!
Agis Neugebauer, June 20 2024


New last weeks:

I recently re-photographed my 20+ year old EPIC Eldar army.




I painted some minis of the upcoming Cohors Cthulhu game.




I finally came around to paint some years old Scibor Custodes conversions.




Another collaboration of Ana Polanšćak and me (OK mostly her) is finished: the Gellerpox Infected Kill Team.




New section - Blitz Bowl, the rules light version of Blood Bowl. I played it a couple of times this year and really like it so far.

Two teams are painted, have fun checkig them out!



I just finished a new Kill Team - Strike Force Justian!




New year new project :). I am revisiting an old favorite, Epic gaming, Legions Imperialis gets the first couple of mini painted.

And Zombicide gets 4 of the 7 from the Boys!

My last update for 2023. Again more  30k - The Ultramarines are finally getting their own subsection!

Again more 30k -  I took some new pics of my Death Guard.




More for 30k - for the Death Guard I took some new pics.

For Underworlds Xandire's Truthseekers are painted.

And the Blood Angels are getting the new Dante Primaris mini painted.

More for 30k - the Death Guard gets their 1st Captain and Primarch!




Another Kill Team using 30k minis - Death Guard!



Some more Necrons and the Guardians of the Galaxy! (OK, only their Zombie versions...)



More painted minis for the new GF9 Away Mission game. The Federation Team of the starter Box is done!

And I revisited an long abandoned project: AvP gets the astronaut suit mini from Alien!


More painted minis for the new GF9 Away Mission game.

This time two famous Federation Commander during the Wolf 359 incident: Riker and Shelby!


The Borg are back! As a long time Star Trek fan I had to get the new GF9 Away Mission game.

I started with Locutus Borg, nice minis but not fitting to any other Trek minis!


I painted another Warhammer Underworlds warband - Thundrik’s Profiteers!
In addition, my first
Shatterpoint mini - Captain Rex.

My first Leviathan Tyranids, a humble Neurogaunt Nodebeast, some Neurogaunts and the mighty Neurotyrant!

I painted some more Phobos Marines for my Raven Guard.

In addition, two more KotOR minis, Zaalbar and Mission Vao.


I painted two more possible stand-ins for the Marvel Zombie game, Dumdum Doogan and Bucky.

In addition, another Leagues of Votann mini.



I painted some more characters for Zombicide Invader.

In addition the great Ana Polanšćak finished some Sisters of Battle for me.


I painted some more Necrons for Kill Team.




I painted two Guards for the Marvel Zombie game, In addition two stand ins for future heroes (Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper).

And Nebula gets painted for Marvel United.


I painted the first two bystander of the Marvel Zombie game Agents Carter and Coulson.
And finally the last of my Warhammer
Cursed City heroes - Jelsen Darrock - is also painted, in two weeks I will play my first game...



I painted the rest of the Marvel Zombie heroes, Captain Marvel, the Wasp, Ironman and Deadpool.



I painted my second Marvel Zombie, Captain America!




I painted my first Marvel Zombie, the hungriest of the all - the Hulk!

Also some more Zombicide Undead or Alive. Some Zs and two more heroes are done!

In addition, my first Leagues of Votann mini. Nice but BIG miniatures, not much squat anymore...

I painted my first Navy Arms(wo)man and some Gellerpox Glitchlings for Kill Team.

I also started work on Zombicide Undead or Alive. Conception and Carl are done!


My Sisters of Battle got reenforced. Again I convinced the great Ana Polanšćak (from Gardens of Hecate) to paint some Sisters for me.

This time Celestine the Living Saint, the cover Sisters and the Triumph of Saint Katherine

More Star Wars minis get painted...

I finished Omega and Cid from the Bad Batch. In addition the fearsome Black Krrsantan was painted for Boba!


GW released the new Eldar Corsairs, I just had to get them and paint some. 5 are in the queue, first to get painted is a Voidscarred Heavy Gunner with a Wraithcannon.

And for Marvel United Thanos is painted.

As in the last update I painted some X-Wing minis recently, check out Wedge Antilles Red 2.

And for Marvel United Adam Warlock and the Moon Knight are also painted.


I painted some X-Wing minis recently, check out the new Inferno Squad.
The great Ana Polanšćak painted some more
Sisters of Battle for me. This time a squad of Zephyrim.
And for Marvel United
Deadpool gets some paint.


The great Ana Polanšćak painted again some minis for me. This time a Necromunda Redemptionist gang.







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