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And suddenly - out of the blue - a new release for my Victory Decision game line! The latest release: Raid! The ultraskirmish version of Victory Decision WW II!

What is ultraskirmish? The game that allows you to command a squad sized force in the momentous conflict of World War II. Each unit in “Victory Decision: Raid!” represents one individual infantry model. Games are focused on infantry squad vs infantry squad, and a typically have 6-10 figures per side.
These rules cover almost all aspects of World War II wargaming, from Troop Quality and Leadership to Bunker Assaults, Combat in Buildings and Vehicle combat. Victory Decision: Raid! features a unique Leadership-modified alternate unit activation system. The result is a fun and fast paced war game that involves both players constantly. The rules are designed with 20-28mm miniatures in mind, but the Victory Decision: Raid! game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 15mm to 32mm. So whatever your existing miniature collection consists of, you can start playing right away.

This rulebook not only provides Scenarios but also 27 Point based Force Lists for British, German, Soviet and US forces from early to late war. All necessary Game Markers are also included within this book.

New this week:

A break from Stmy “A Song of Ice & Fire” KS arrived. Please see this weeks paintings in their brand new section.

Have fun and a nice week!
Agis Neugebauer, August 11 2018


New in last weeks

One more time only Star Wars - More Clone Trooper in Legion (!) scale. And two of the new Tatooine buildings.



Still Star Wars - Obi Wan and Grievous in Legion (!) scale. And some old WotC Droids.



Star Wars again! This time 3 “working Droids” and some Clone Trooper in Legion (!) scale.



Another monstrous update ;) - the Swamp Troll Abomination and some “Endure the Stars” monsters!



A big fat ugly update - the Abominarat, giant rats and bursting fatties are painted, shown in all their disgusting glory in the Zombicide section.



Finally another Escher is painted and another Swarm of Ratz and the Rat King are added to the Black Plague section.



A Mechanicus Knight is new and a Swarm of Ratz in the Black Plague section.




Last I received my Green Horde Wave two package. It kicked me back into Zombicide painting. Two survivors of the Adrian Smith Hate box are finished.



More Star Wars,  I added a nice mini of the Rogue One hero Pao!




Back to SMOG, Automaton Kali and Prof Blackmore are painted. For Star Wars I added a nice Bacta tank!



I finally finished another HINT Nakamura Tower mini - the Cyborg Hunter mercenary!




I finished some more DUST minis and rephotographed most of my US forces.




After painting a Rebel squad it was time for the brave soldiers of the Empire.

A 5 man Storm Trooper squad is shown here.



After painting Captain Rex I just had to finish Ashoka!

More Star Wars Legion minis are painted and some more comparison pics are shown here.


Another “Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters” mini is painted, I repainted the King Wolf Heavy Hitter. Check them out in their new section!

I also received Star Wars Legion and assembled a squad of Stormtroopers, the usual size comparison is shown here. Also Captain Rex!

Oh my, another great Kickstarter got delivered: “Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters” reached my doors, I immediately started with some repaints.

Check them out in their new section!


After two weeks of SMOG painting I switched to GW Legio Custodes again.

Check them out in their section!


SMOG is delivered! After a couple of games I am hooked, great game! Consequently I painted some more minis.

Check them out in the VSF section!


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