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And suddenly - out of the blue - a new release for my Victory Decision game line!

The latest release: Raid! The ultraskirmish version of Victory Decision WW II!

What is ultraskirmish? The game that allows you to command a squad sized force in the momentous conflict of World War II. Each unit in “Victory Decision: Raid!” represents one individual infantry model. Games are focused on infantry squad vs infantry squad, and a typically have 6-10 figures per side.
These rules cover almost all aspects of World War II wargaming, from Troop Quality and Leadership to Bunker Assaults, Combat in Buildings and Vehicle combat. Victory Decision: Raid! features a unique Leadership-modified alternate unit activation system. The result is a fun and fast paced war game that involves both players constantly. The rules are designed with 20-28mm miniatures in mind, but the Victory Decision: Raid! game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 15mm to 32mm. So whatever your existing miniature collection consists of, you can start playing right away.

This rulebook not only provides Scenarios but also 27 Point based Force Lists for British, German, Soviet and US forces from early to late war. All necessary Game Markers are also included within this book.

New this week:

With all the talk about Modiphius new Fallout mini game I just could not resist; I dug out my old Fallout minis and painted the classic ant head Powerarmour.

Have fun and a nice week!

Agis Neugebauer, May 27 2017


New in last weeks

This week again an Infinity Haqquislam Ghulam. The 3 Ghulam of the starter box “Red Veil” are finished. Again a wonderful very realistic proportioned miniature.



I continued to work on my Skitarii Kill Team for SW A.
This time a small conversion to create a
Fresh forged member of the team.



Shadow War Armageddon pulled me again to the Dark Millennium (in addition to the announcements for the new 40K edition).

So it was about time to finish a Ruststalker and a Skitarii Specialist with Plasma Caliver.


I overhauled my Infinity section and painted two new mini - Haqquislam Ghulams! Simply fantastic minis.

The Walking Dead also got some attention, after sitting in my “to paint” queue for ages, I finally finished Abraham.


After watching and enjoying Ghost in the Shell I got drawn to HINT again. So a good opportunity to finish Shoko Takayama of the Übermensch faction and an incredible good Major stand in.

I also finished my Season 2 Zombicide Zs, all the different Berserker Z sculpts are now painted, after that only repeating the scheme...

I finished my Season 2 Zombicide Zs, all the different Toxic Z sculpts are now painted, after that only repeating the scheme...

And for Black Plague Dr Stormcrow is painted.


After painting some more Black Plague minis, I was finally in the mood to paint some more of my Season 1 Zombicide Zs.

I also painted Skid the Corvo character from FAITH!


Back to Zombicide Black Plague - Grin and Shalheira from the Edouard Guiton Guestbox are painted!



Again Imperial Assault - I finished the first heroes of the Return to Hoth expansion - Loku Kanoloa and MHD-19.

Also new is Thorley - a bruiser for the 7 Sins FAITH team.


Back to Imperial Assault - I finished my Rebel Trooper conversion and added the Ugnaught tinkerer.

Have fun and a nice week!


Back to Star Trek - this time some more minis of my 1998 LUG Federation Away Team.



Back to The Others and totally new: Endure the Stars!

For the Others Grin and Wengsi got painted, and after receiving last week the brand new EtS KS pledge I painted a Sip sentry robot, the Medic, the Tech, a GEP Swarmer, the Primus GEP and the exclusive Geneticist! Call me hooked!

Last Wednesday the 2nd season of THE EXPANSE started, a good opportunity to paint my version of Bobby...

See her and two more Martian Marines here.


Again Zombicide Black Plague and my Wrath of King Mod for Black Plague this week.

I have also rebased my Zs...


Again two different themes this week, Zombicide Black Plague and X-Wing!

Scowl the Dark Knight joins the Survivors in the fight against the Undead, while the Tie Stryker and the U-Wing flies over from Rogue One.


Two different themes this week, The Expanse and Zombicide Black Plague. Some of my friends are REALLY bitten by the Black Plague bug, a good opportunity to finish some of the minis that were already too long on my painting table: Mizar and Donna Carlotta!
For me the Expanse is getting more more attractive, I loved the 1st season of the TV series. Consequently I dived deep into the books, I like it even more. Click above to see my first Martian Marine: “Who are we? MMC!”.

Three different themes this week, Starship Troopers, Zombicide and Imperial Assault.

With big regrets I am going to sell my Starship Trooper collection. Time to take some new and better pictures and show them off for a last time. If any of you is interested in buying the minis, please mail me.
Once per year I treat myself with painted minis from the incredible talented Simon Bradley. This time he painted some
Zombicide minis for me, the 1st to show is Sheldon.
And since Rogue One I am bitten by the SW bug again, so I finished two
Rebel Saboteurs.

Before the weekly update a big thanks to all who bought my latest book Raid!, I received some nice comments - very rewarding!

The Scourge got painted - see: Dropfleet Commander .


OK, on to the regular and last 2016 update! Again more pics from The Others 7 Sins, this time the corrupted Priests and Nuns. !

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